Since our first performance of ‘Sailor Beware’ in 1975 we’ve staged more than 150 productions, including the 40 pantomimes and 15 ‘Shakespeares on the green’ for which we are probably best known in the village.  Throughout those forty years we’ve been lucky to have some very skilled directors who have not only raised our performing standards, but have also ensured we present a wide variety of productions.

Our performing talent has always been led by some stalwarts – those versatile actors who can always be relied upon in any production – but around them many people have enjoyed ‘having a go’ and discovered the joy of putting across a character on stage and being part of a close-knit cast.   Our junior and teenage groups have become an integral part of village life, and of course we’re very proud of those talented youngsters who started on the Woodclyffe Hall stage and have gone on to professional success.

Underpinning all our productions is a very skilled technical team who know how to make the best of the limited resources of the Woodclyffe Hall.  It’s easy to take for granted the amazing stage sets, lighting and sound that we always produce, and our ability to create a costume for every occasion, music to match any mood, and choreography to lift any performance.  We’ve built up a depth and breadth of experience across all these technical areas that most theatre groups simply can’t match.

Our talented members, both on stage and behind the scenes, make it all look easy but behind every production lies a lot of hard work and dedication delivered by people who are doing this for pleasure.  There are many other ways to get involved: helping with set construction and backstage, doing the bar or front-of-house, and we always welcome new people, however much or little you want to do.

We salute those many people who have contributed to the success of ‘WTW’ in whatever way, and to all our audiences past and present. Here’s to the next forty years.